Murgh Musallum

I cannot believe that I have reached 250 post of my recipes in my blog...This recipe would be my 250th recipe.Time really flies I guess. I started my blog somewhere back in 2008. I'm really glad that many have tried my recipes and useful to many..Thanks for all of your encouragement in improving my taste bud of my cooking.

My 250th post would be Murgh Musallum which is simply Moghul Style Chicken Curry.

What's the actually the story of naming this recipe as Murgh Musallum. The source is taken form Wikipedia:
Mughlai cuisine (Urdu: مغلای ) is a Pakistani and Indian cuisine, influenced by the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire. It represents the cooking style used in Delhi and Punjab (now partitioned between India, and Pakistan). The cuisine is strongly influenced by Persian, and Turkic cuisines of Central Asia. The cuisine of most Pakistani and Indian restaurants in UK and USA can be termed Mughlai. The tastes of Mughlai cuisine vary from extremely mild to spicy, and is often associated with a distinctive aroma and the taste of ground and whole spices. A Mughlai course is an elaborate buffet of main course dishes with a variety of accompaniments.

Serving size: 8

1.5 lb chicken pieces with bone or without (I'm using chicken breast)
4 green chillies
2 large red onions chopped
2 large tomatoes blanched and peeled
2tbsp ginger garlic paste
1tsp garam masala
1tsp turmeric powder
1 cup well beaten fresh curd
1tbsp red chilli powder
5 cloves
5 peppercorn pods
2 stick cinnamon
5 cardamons pods
1tsp cumin seeds
1/2tsp mustard seeds
2tsp coriander seeds
15 almonds
salt to taste
chopped coriander leaves

Preparation Methods:
Grind green chillie,ginger garlic paste and mix the chicken well with the paste, garam masala,salt,turmeric powder, curd and half the red chillie powder. Let it marinate for 2 hours or so. In a pan roast together the cloves,peppercorns,cinnamon,cardamon,almond,cumin and coriander seeds and grind into a fine paste.Heat oil in a pan -add 4tbsp oil and fry the onions until golden brown and remove. Stain the oil and pour into the pressure cooker. Remove the chicken pieces and reserved the marinate and fry the chickens in batch -remove and keep aside. Add mustard seed to the oil and add the grinded paste and the chicken, reserved marinade, tomato puree and salt. Pour in about 3/4 warm water and cook for just one whistle on high. Once the pressure is released transfers to a serving platter and serve hot with steaming rice garnished with chopped coriander leaves.


Unknown said…
Congrats on the milestone of 200 posts. The curry looks delicious!
Hope i am first time here..looks so tempting and delish.. Congrats on ur 200th post