Sweet and Sour Fish

Do you believe in falling in love at first sight? Well if no this dish would do soo...Sweet and Sour Fish is a delicious meal served with steaming white which can make kids finish their plate fast and the curious thing about sweet and sour sauce is just how many versions there are. Adding fresh fruits like pineapple would just make this recipe more finger-licking. For a chance I have add seedless red grapes for my recipe.

Sweet and Sour Fish

Serving Size:5

1lb tilalia fillets cubed to 1 inch size
1 red onions roughly chopped
1 tomato cubed
1 red bell pepper cubed
1tbsp minced garlic
1tbsp minced ginger
1/2 cup chopped spring onions
1tbsp soy sauce
10 pieces red seedless grapes

¼ cup cornstarch
2 cups flour
6 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon seasoning salt
1 pinch cayenne pepper
2 cups water

Sweet and Sour Sauce-
½ cup vinegar
1/3 cup sugar
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup orange juice
¼ cup pineapple juice
¼ cup ketchup
2 tablespoons cornstarch

Preparation Methods:
Toss the fish cornstarch and coat well. In another bowl add the remaining ingredients mentioned under Breading and whisk the batter well to the consistency like doasi batter.Add the water a little by little while whisking the batter.Pour batter over the coated fish pieces and stir to coat. Pour batter over the coated fish pieces and stir to coat. Deep fry them and keep aside.
To make sweet and sour sauce
In the wok mix vinegar, sugar, salt, orange juice, pineapple juice and ketchup. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in 1/8 cup of juice, pour into the sauce and stir until sauce has thickened and keep aside.
Heat another pan drizzled with 2tbsp oil and saute minced garlic,ginger,onions and red bell pepper. Once the onions starts browned add the tomatoes and the grapes followed by the sauce. Allow it to boil.Finally add the fried fish cube and give a quick toss. Serve hot with steaming white rice.


Tina said…
Exellent dish dear....Yummyyyyyyyy.
Priya Suresh said…
Wow Sara, am inviting myself to ur place, such a droolworthy dish..
Sarah Naveen said…
Wow!!! Sweet and Sour..really wanna grab that plate...
Urmi said…
Marvellous and delicious dish. I love fish very much and shall try your recipe.
Shama Nagarajan said…
yummy different fish recipe...all the best wishes for ur new blog...please do participate in my first cooked food event..check my blog for details
Please to come Priya..the door is always opened for ur arrival.Thanks for the comments girls..