Chembaruthi Poo Chukku Kapai

Chembaruthi Poo Chukku Kapai
Hibiscus is a plant with beautiful flowers that grows in tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate regions throughout the world.Hibiscus are wonderful and cheery flowers to have around and we have many plants in our backyard in Pollachi.Hibiscus flowers are beautiful to look at and smell divine, but they are also used as food and garnish.Adding hibiscus flower to our tea or coffee helps to lower high blood pressure and reduce levels of cholesterol.Eating hibiscus flowers is found to be strengthening body’s circulatory Boiling hibiscus flowers in water and drinking this water would be beneficial. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C. Consuming hibiscus decoration would prevent cold and fever. Being rich with vitamin C hibiscus would boost the immune system. If you drink a cup after a meal, you will be ingesting an enzyme inhibitor that helps to prevent the production of amylase in your body.
Hibiscus can refresh people by lessening the feeling of stress.Recently one of my co-sister taught me how to prepare coffee with fresh hibiscus flower with ginger coffee powder (Chukku Kazpi). All u need to prepare tis is dried ginger,palm sugar,coffee powder,black pepper, tulsi leaves and clove. In my recipe I have used store powder instead of preparing them from scratch.. Enjoy this cup of Chembaruthi Poo Chukku Kapai from my kitchen to yours and received all the natural health benefit...see ya!!!

Serving Size :2 person

6 fresh hibiscus flowers
2tbsp store brought chukku kapai powder
palm sugar accord lying
6 cups of water

Preparation Method:
Peel the petals of the flower and wash well under running water. Boil the water in a heavy bottom sauce pan and add the flower petals. Once it's starts to boil add the sugar and kapai powder. Allow the mixture to boil well and it should reduce to 3 cups. then strain the mixture and enjoy:)


Chitra said…
wow, healthy drink. new to me. will try :)
sathya said…
Healthy drink, had it once at a friend's place..

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Shama Nagarajan said…
super dear!!!inviting you to join in Fast food event - Noodles
Priya dharshini said…
yummy coffee...luv flavours of hibiscus and sukku
Unknown said…
Sukku coffe sounds Healthy and inviting to have a sip....
Unknown said…
gonna give a try !

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Madhavi said…
New for me...looks good..