Kashmri Mutton curry

Kashmir Mutton Curry- Version 1 
After a couple of days filled with sorrow pain and misery I'm back to blogging again as it always refreshes my mind and helps to get rid of worries and keeps me diverted. I always remember those Sundays when my dad cooks Mutton for lunch. A steaming plate of basmatic rice slatted in spicy curry flavored with fresh grounded spices. Tender pieces of mutton cubes cooked to perfection...simply homely and satisfying-soul comforting meals with love and care. The entire kitchen would be filled with the aroma of freshly grounded spices couple with patience where t he meant slimmers on low heat were definitely the secret behind the curries he makes. Everything have change as age catches up and I got married. Let's forget about my dad's cooing experience and get back to my own kitchen. The following recipe was taken from the Woman's Cookbook. I found the recipe different from how I prepare my mutton and decide to give it a try. The outcome was good I guess as the pot was completely clean after lunch. What you need is just a big spoon to scoop out the mutton cubes to your plate of rice and enjoy!!!

Preparation Mime:5 Minutes
Cooking Time: Appr 50 to 1hour
Serving Size:: 6

1.5kg mutton washed and cubed
3tbsp ghee
a little hing
1 cup curd
1tsp ginger powder
1.5tsp coriander powder
1tsp Kashmir chilli powder
salt to taste
600ml hot water
1tbsp freshly chopped coriander leaves
1tsp shredded ginger
1tsp garam masala

Preparation Methods: 
Heat the ghee in a heavy bottom wok and fry the hing well. Add the mutton cubes and brown evenly. Add the curd. cook until it dries stirring from time to time.Add the ginger powder,coriander powder,chill powder and salt to taste. Fry well,adding a little hot water if necessary. Add the chopped  coriander leaves and shredded ginger. Pour in the hot water. Cook on very low heat until the meat is well cooked  Finally add the garam masla and allow the gravy to cook for another 10 minutes.Transfer and serve hot with chappati or rice.


Anonymous said…
Wow the mutton looks so yummy and finger licking..all I need is a plate of rice and will dig in rite away Saras

Unknown said…
Mouth watering curry...

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Sharans Samayalarai
Vikis Kitchen said…
Very nice mutton recipe dear. May all your worries vanish dear. My prayers and well wishes for you Saras. Take care,
You have very good collection of recipes. I will try this soon. Very tempting Saras. Following you.