Man Vs Wild Chicken

Man Vs Wild Chicken 

Waiting in line at your favorite resturant is a wonderful thing where there's a sense of occasion when heading out for a meal with family and friends but unfortunately it's not practical. Resturant are a wallet's worst enemy and organizing a visit to your local is often quite the hassle. It's not that hard to create your own fine-dinning experience without ever having to leaving  the house- "Resturant Like Menu'".

As I have mentioned numerous time that I'm from a foodie family where having a well prepared delectable meal with great presentation and interesting flavor is a must. Cooking can give you a kind of personal gratification that hardly any forms of art can, in fact it's not just art but a combination of science and art. Some are gifted cooks and it comes naturally to them whereas there are those who pave their path to greatness.

Happily for me, my husband and I both love to cook, and we love to get into the kitchen together. Even if only one of us is preparing the meal, often the other will just hang out in the kitchen, and we’ll talk about everything under the sun while the food is cooking.

My hubby is also foodie just like me and he likes food across cuisine’s and has good knowledge on taste and could even tell just by seeing or tasting a spoon what is good average or bad. He used share how his mother was a very good cook and have shared his childhood stories how he would sit on the kitchen shelf watching his mother’s cooking.

The following recipe is the creation of my hubby's from a local restaurant near our hometown. This particular dish has become a crowd pleaser as well as the kid's favorite snack time menu and the credit goes to my hubby. Since we are all under a national wide pandemic , its not safe to go to restaurant as before to relish your favorite. Instead of sitting back at home sulking or just take charge of th kitchen and rustle up your favorite menus at your own pace. So impress your loved ones or guest with nothing but the best tried Man Vs Wild Chicken. Don wait any longer grab your apron and start rocking your kitchen.

1kg chicken breast
12tbsp dark soy sauce
5tbsp chili paste
5tbsp tomato sauce
5tbsp ginger garlic paste
3tbsp sesame oil
2tbsp butter
10tbs roasted seseme seed
salt to taste
oil for frying
chopped coriander leaves

Preparation Methods:
First slice the chicken breast lengthwise and keep aside. In a large bowl add dark soy sauce, chili paste, tomato sauce, ginger garlic paste and sesame oil. Beat well and then add the sliced chicken breast and mix well. Keep aside for about 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Heat a wok with some oil and golden fry the sliced chicken piece and keep aside. In another work add the butter and fried chicken piece with salt. Toss well and transfer to a serving dish. Garinshed with roasted sesame seeds and chopped coriander leaves.