Home- Made Fish Ball Noodles

Home -Made Fish Ball Noodles

Woken up by the chirping of the birds right on the window pane beside my bed when the alarm clock rings at 6.00am. Mesmerise by the light breezeI could hear the honking of buses on the main road. As usual I start my day with a cup of steaming hot coffee siping and enjoying each sip when I hear a similar voice. "What's for breakfast today mummy echoing from the room across the kitchen".A thought flashed true my mind -"NOODLES".

Noodles often evoke the feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Whether it's a steaming bowl of noodle soup on cold day or a plate of spicy ramen after a long day , they have a way of soothing the soul and providing a sense of warmth and satisfaction.The appeal of noodles lies in their versatility, comfort factor, texture, convince,nutritional values and cultural significance. Whether you're craving a comfortable bowl or zesty stir fry ..noodles are sure to satisfy and delight your taste buds. U GOT TO BELIEVE ITS THE TRUTH GUYS!!

For those who have being following my post closely knows that I'm a -"Noodles Freak". Whenever its Sunday I'm always looking forward morning breakfast with my family. We will get up early, walk across the road and once we are at the coffee shop-I will normally go to hunt for a table and order my all time favourite coffee. Meanwhile my husband and son will head straight for Fish Ball Noodles Stall where a friendly face will be smiling asking if both will have the same as usual. My son will just nod his head while my husband would say "Make the noodles spicy as possible".

As for me I really don't like my bowl of noodles that spicy but with extra servings of fishballs and as the uncle manning the stall will customise our order even time we visit. Since I love to replicate dish I enjoy outside my kitchen - here the detailed recipe for-: "Fishball  Noodles".

Anyways people across Asia can relate to fishball no matter which part of Asia it is- I grow up with Chinese Style Fishball Noodles. One of the things that I normally missed -is a bowl of Fishball Noodles which is something that have embedded in my childhood. I still remember have a bowl during my school recess meal and back in those days a bowl will  cost around 50 cents. I thought why not try to replicate this local favourite. 

My current food critic is always my son or at time its my hubby whom have tremendous there any more in the kitchen?us appetite and appreciation for good food. It's joy noticing their face lighting up and really rewarding to have them praise and to finish up with gusto. He said, "Wow! Did you make this or brought it? This is really good! Taste just like the hawkers" He even finished every single bits and when I told him I made itch smirked and said. "Well, that means we don't have to walk to get breakfasting more, you can make it in our own kitchen." I smiled and slowly disappeared into the kitchen- feeling satisfied

Ingredients For Preparing:
I packet noodles of your choice-I use Mee Kian
baby bok choy or lettuce leaves
blanched bean sprouts
cooked prawns(optical)
store brought sliced fish cake and fishballs
finely chopped spring onion
fried onion(optional)
sesame oil
black vinegar 

Sauce For Tossing The Noodles:
seseme oil
black vinegar 
chinese rice wine
chopped spring onions
beans sprouts
light soy sauce
dark soy sauce
minced garlic in oil

In a medium size bowl add all sauce ingredients accordingly to your taste bud and keep aside for tossing the noodles once it's prepared. (You can adjust the sauce to your preferences :normal or spicy.

Ingredients For The Chilli Paste:
1/2 cup of chilli flasks
3tbsp minced garlic in oil
2tbsp hoisin sauce
1 cube of chicken stock
1/2 cup of oil
1tbsp sugar
salt to taste
2tbsp of dark and light soy sauce
2tbsp seseme oil
2tbsp black vinegar
few dash of Chinese rice wine 

Heat up a heavy bottom wok with oil. Once its hot add all the ingredients one by one and saute til the oil separates. Remove from heat and keep aside to cool.Then boil a big pot water with a good amount of salt. The water should be super salty. Add a handful of the mee kian noodles on a wire mesh strainer with handle and dip in hot boiling water until cooked through. Then bleach them in cold and keep aside. You need to do this method of cooking the noodles for each person separately.

Discard the water and boil another pot to blench the fishballs and slide fishcakes- keep aside. Now combined the cooked to the prepare sauce bowl and give toss evenly. Toss in the balance beans sprouts and add the fishball and fishcakes.  Drizzle few drops of the sesame oil and black vinegar. Serve hot with chopped spring onions.

Carving forsomethingo light but delicious and tummy-warming? Then try out my fishball noodles recipe at home!. You can easily find fishball noodles at your local kopiotiam but nothing can beats a home-made noodles and I make my words - you're savouring each bite of it and realising that's it's worth to give a try at your kitchen. Don't forget to pair up my home made picked green chilli with tis bowl of Fishball Noodles.  https://tasteofsaras.blogspot.com/2024/03/pickled-green-chillies.html