A Cinematic Date Escape With Chips And Bondas With The Little Chef

A Cinematic Date Escape With Chips And Bondas With My Little Chef

As the evening settles and the lights dim, there's an irresistible allure to indulge the simple pleasure of watching a movie accompanied by a plate of savoury chips and bondas is a feast for the eyes that fills the heart and the tummy making the senses wander. This delightful combination creates an ambiance of comfort and relaxation transforming an ordinary movie night into a sensory experience filled with flavour and entertainment. With excitement buzzing in the air , my daughter and I decide to have a movie night at home and we chose to dive into the suspenseful world of "The Woman in the Window".

As we settled onto the coziness of the bed, we dimmed the light to set the mood. The anticipation built as we pressed play, eager to unravel the mystery that awaited us.From the very beginning , the movie gripped us with its twists and turns, keeping us on the edge of our cozy bed.We found ourselves engrossed in the intricate plot, trying pieces together the clues alongside the characters. With every revelation, our heart raced and we exchanged theories about what might happens next.

Despite the tension we found moments to share a laugh or a jump in surprise adding to the excitement of the experience. Our store brought potato chips made into taco plate and bondas quickly dwindled as we wet snacked our way through the suspenseful scenes, occasionally pausing to discuss our thought and predictions. As the movie reached its thrilling climax, we held our breath fully immersed in the suspense. The resolution left use both satisfied yet craving more, sparking discussion about the character's motives and unexpected twists. 

As we bid good night I couldn't help but smile grateful for the opportunity to share such an exhilarating experience with my daughter after a very long time since she's back home from hostel. Our movie Dae with, "The Women In The Window" had been a memorable joinery that we would cherish for years to come. Let's get back in discussing the detailed recipe for you guys to try and have the same experience I had with my daughter. There's no need to go out for movies when we can create one at our own home.

Introduction for Preparation The Chips To Your Preference:
Now let's elevate a plate of tacos with a unique twist by incorporating with store brought potato chips creates a fun and flavourful meal that's sure to impress. With a medley of fresh vegetable proteins and toppings, these chips offers a delightful combination of texture and the taste will satisfy your carvings giving chill to your spine while watching horror movies like me. Give this creative twist a try for next chips night and enjoy a deliciously crunchy culinary experience!!!

store brought potato chips of your choice
assorted vegetables like red onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuces 
bowl of mixed cheese
2tbsp butter
1 cup fresh milk
sour cream or yogurt (optional)
chopped onion leaves
chopped coriander leaves

Preparation Methods:
Dice the assorted vegetables of your choice such as. ell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Meanwhile in heave bottom pan add 2tbsp of butter. Once melted add 1 cup milk to boil and then add the mixed cheese. Cook the mixture to a creamy texture . Cool and keep aside. Lay out the potato chips on a serving platter and add onions tomatoes, shredded lettuce leaves.Add the Sala if using and pour over the cheese sauce evenly and finally garnish with chopped onion and coriander leaves. 

Ingredients For Bondas:
1 cup chickpea flour
2tbsp rice flour
1tsp turmeric powder
1tsp chili powder
1tsp cumin seeds
chopped onions
salt to taste
water as needed
oil for frying

Preparation Methods:
In a large mixing bowl combine the chickpea flour, rice flour, red chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and salt. Mix well combine all the ingredient. Gradually add water whisking continuously until a smooth and thick batter consistency. Now add the chopped onions and blend well. Heat the oil in wok carefully drop spoonful of the batter and fry til golden brown.. Once the bondas are cooked to perfection, remove and drain excess oil on paper towel lined plate.