Deep Fried Grouper in Garlic Ginger Sauce

Deep Fried Grouper in Garlic Ginger Sauce
Deeply fried fish simmering in ginger garlic sauce would definitely be the highlight of any meals. Yeah the action of deep frying a whole fish will scare the hell out but when it's served in the middle of the dinning table it's the first one to be taste. Another taste bud of my hometown delivered to your dining table from my kitchen. Just enjoy the crispy fried fish licking ur fingers>>>>

Serving Size:4
1 whole grouper
1tsp soy sauce
1tbsp Chinese rice wine

For the sauce:
2 clove garlic minced
Spring onions finely chopped
Finely chopped Ginger root
2tbsp hot bean sauce
1tbsp tomato sauce
1tsp brown sugar
1tbsp rice vinegar
1/2 cup stock
1tbsp cornflour paste
Few drops of sesame oil

Preparation Methods:
Score out Borg side of the fish and diagonal cut into the fish. Rub the fish with soy sauce and rice wine and allow to marinate for 1 hour. Deep fry the fish and keep aside. Pour away the execs oil leaving abt 1tbsp oil in the wok add all the sauce ingredients and bring to boil . Finally add the fried fish and allow to sauce to thicken. Transfer to serving dish.


Priya dharshini said…
jus now i had whole grouper fish...yummy and luv it when cooked as whole...
Neha said…
Hey...first time on your blog...Fish looks yummy...Following you dear...Do visit me at
Urmi said…
Wonderful preparation of fish. Looks spicy and yummilicious.
Fantasic Fish recipe Dear.Luv to try it soon.
i like to cook fish this way too, simply yummy!
Namitha said…
Loved the sauce you made ! perfect blend of flavors