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Spicy Deep Frie Bread Rolls

Spicy Deep Fried Bread Rolls After a long break I'm back again with a mouth-watering quick snack from my kitchen to yours.... BREAD ROLLSSS. .yummy and tasty.  Bread rolls are deep fried evening snacks which is normally prepared with potato fillings in center of the bread. A mouth watering snack prepared in a jiffy for hungry school returned kid s.  One snack I almost always craved for was this - Bread Rolls - in the Indian context. These are not baked from dough but made from slices of bread stuffed with potatoes and other vegetables.This snack is so lip smacking that it is universally liked and very easy to carry on picnics and journeys. Dash back to yours kitchen and start prepare them for the evening snack...the climate in Coimbatore is just nice and cosy for a plate of crispy bread rolls...sit back and relax sipping your favorite tea and dig into these rolls...heavenly... Ingredients: Serving Size:6 persons 6 potatoes  1 pac sliced bread i medium red o