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Spicy Stir- Fried Mee Kian Noodles

Spicy Stir- Fried  Mee Kian Noodles I love the way a certain food or meal can instantly transport you back to your childhood. Food is so evocative and nostalgic.The Kopi Tiam or coffee shop had lots of different food stalls around it where you could order food.  Kopitiam is usually packed with people during breakfast and the coffee shop have a variety of delights to have as well. I am always having my breakfast with my sister every weekend. These hawker centers actually brought the best of hawker food and have them operating at this food court, all under one roof!  If you guys have being following my blog closely anyone would have guessed that I'm total a "Noodle Freak". I just love them so much that I always dream about having just noodles til death..When I was visiting my parents back in my hometown- my sister requested me to prepare something spicy. Then I found a packet of fresh Mee Kian laying the fridge counter  and a plate of finger licking "Spicy

Minced Chicken With Red and Green Chillies

Minced Chicken With Red and Green Chillies As I was laying awake early morning  sipping a cup of steaming coffee thinking about my teenage life back in my hometown.It's something beyond my imagination..we should cherish those beautiful moments. Getting up early in the morning, quarter to five, taking a quick brush and face-wash   water in a backpack, don the track pants  and out strolling through nature's bounty.Newspaper vendors with loads of paper on their motorcycles make their rounds. Sometimes they can hardly be seen because the newspapers cover their headlights. They take some risks riding around like this, but I suppose they are used to it."Walking alongside the canal brings you to numerous scenic locations. The way the sunlight hits the buildings; the outline of the magnificent constructions. The friendly faces and the great bargains offered down the path.Alas, when I feel lazy from all that walking, I will plop down one of those benches nearby and stare, a

Kadai Mushroom Gravy

Kadai Mushroom Gravy Okay, maybe my mushroom gravy isn’t better than yours, but it’s definitely better than anything the local restaurants joint offers. I need to put more effort into the side dishes I serve my family. Getting them to eat their vegetables is tough enough, but when the energy I put into making them appealing is lacking – it’s even tougher. If you’re not eating mushrooms, you should be. At least I think so. Beyond being extremely tasty they’re also really good for you.  I'm in love with mushrooms of any kind and they  just appears on my dinning table at least once a week in some ways. I cannot control myself when I see packets of mushroom staked up in food section of the supermarket. Will always grab a few packets. Today I'm going share the Kadai Mushroom Gravy with you folks. The traditional Indian recipe for curried mushrooms involves frying sliced onions along with crushed ginger paste and a mixture of coriander, cumin and turmeric powder, in v

Payathankai (Long Beans) Kottu

Payathankai (Long Beans) Kottu I'd spent quite  a bit of time wonder what recipe to post today as I have many laying in my folder just staring at me blindly and their helpless look always bothers me. I want to post but work is keeping me up.As I have known both my kids love the addition of dhal to vegetables. Long beans are also known as Chinese long beans – they don’t taste much different from regular green beans, but these long, long, snake beans are a current favorite among my kids. Since these long beans are pliable, I find them much less tedious to cut up than regular beans.I have been stuck in a cooking rut and my kids and hubby are a bit bored of me feeding them with same dishes over and over again.My resolution for this year was to try new recipes every weekend.. So far I have tried many and have shared with u all guys too....Today's recipe from my kitchen would be Long Beans Kottu-my kids favorite and no matter have much I prepare,it's never enough!!!!

Sweet Corn Fried Rice With Thai Red Curry Stir Fried Vegetables.

Sweet Corn Fried Rice With Thai Red Curry Stir Fried Vegetables. Although I have always enjoyed Thai Cuisine while I was in USA, it's has only been recently that I started to passionate abort them in my own kitchen here after  finding racks of fresh lemon grass and Thai Curry paste stacked up in the supermarkets.Armed with my old Thai cooking books and with the help of the net -I have started to prepare couple of Thai Infused recipes to be shared with u folks. " Oh Mom Thai food-YES YES I love it..yummmy yummy.. sudden peck on cheek and a hug is there whenever Thai food finds it's place in my dinner table".  What's so special abut these Thai curry Paste. These curry paste are hot favorites in many Thai restaurant and based on a delicious paste of fresh and dried herbs and spices, curry is unique and unlike any dish in Western cuisine. The endless combinations and fresh taste make curry a popular dish.Red Curry Paste is the most popular and basic Thai

Chilly Mushroom Fried Rice With Mirch Salan

Chilly Mushroom Fried Rice With Mirch Salan "I CAN COOK AND MY KIDS ARE NOT HUNGRY". That's all I'm saying here.. why is that you can not believe.  Every woman knows how to cook. Describe a person who can cook??  I would say, "trial and error." " If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again."  To me, a good cook is someone who can go into a kitchen with bare essentials and come up with a fantastic meal. Not everyone can be born into a family of cooks who can train them from a young age; nor, can everyone afford to attend a culinary school.I think the whole key to good cooking is attitude and imagination. As the old saying goes, "Practice makes Perfect." The in's and out's of cooking is a learning process and a matter of "taste". By cooking for yourself you'll find out what goes with what just by trusting your tongue. Practice practice, do the basics and then experiment. A "cook" is

Spicy Egg Tofu With Minced Chicken

Spicy Egg Tofu With Minced Chicken One of my  favorite  dishes at Chinese restaurants is the Sizzling Tofu. Tofu is first pan-fried before being laid on a hot plate. As the minced chicken gravy is poured over it, the hot plate sizzles and hence, its name. Most of us don't own a hot plate,therefore sizzling tofu is out of the picture. But we can always do something similar in taste, can’t we?  The star ingredient of today's recipe is one of my absolute  favorites   egg tofu. Egg tofu is a more  flavorful  and makes a more delicious dish as plain tofu is rather bland to me.These egg tofu are lightly dusted with flour,pepper salt and chilli powder-then pan fried til crispy. This dish was a hit with my guests and was not too difficult to whip up either, although pan-frying the tofu does require a bit of patience, if you want, simply deep-fry the tofu which will be quicker.  I do hope you will give this a try .Greetings and happy cooking from Taste of Saras Kitchen. Have a g

Malabar Mutton Gravy With Potatoes

Malabar Mutton Gravy With Potatoes Greeting from Taste of Saras Kitchen to's your weekend??? Today I'm going to share a recipe of dearest friend Prema-my collage mate from Kerala and really miss her cooking . During collage time she always prepare her hometown dishes for us to taste and this-is one her special gravy which I love very much.  The aroma of mutton gravy always makes me hungry and I simply love the flavor of the gravy and the addition of potatoes.I wonder what took me so long to share this lovely recipe with you. As this mutton curry is quite often cooked by me while I was back in USA. I have prepare the  many  time at home. Will be back with another dish from my kitchen to your soon. See ya!!!! Ingredients: Serving Size:4 person 250 g mutton cubes 1 large onion chopped 1 medium tomato chopped  2 potatoes cubed 1tsp chilli powder 1/4tsp turmeric powder 2 green chillies 2tbsp ginger garlic paste 1/4tsp aniseed powder