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Chicken Dumpling And Fish Ball Soup Noodles

C hicken Dumpling And Fish Ball Soup Noodles I always said I consider myself pretty lucky that I grew up in a household that was filled with good cooks. So now as much as my dad  did cook, there were still nights off from the kitchen. At some point in time, Sunday nights turned into Chinese food takeout night.  Not every week mind you but I’d say a good portion of my childhood was spent at my local Chinese restaurant looking over the menu to see what we’d be ordering that night.I’m so spoiled by this and now my kids esp my son follows my footstep- A non stop complain from husband- "Mother like Son"!!!   Alike mine and soul always have the same  craving  -that's natural  I guess!! no point in complaining. About two years or so I joined a Facebook group  called- "Singapore Home Cook". I have being following all  their updates daily and recently I came across recipes on soup noodles being posted with mouthwatering snaps. As the weather ge