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Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice

Ever wonder what it's like to be living in Singapore during one's childhood?? Being married and  bounced from one place to another makes me miss my entire childhood. At that time there wasn't anything I wanted more in my life, just to get back to my childhood life once again. One of the best things about being in Singapore is undoubtedly the food.   It is no secret that Singaporeans eat and drink with a passion and I really miss is FOOD as I grow up eating the local dishes and I've come to the conclusion that there are problems no other dish that can fill the spot of the " Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice ". The local dishes available in there just blow my mind- cause it's not just made up of single cuisine but with 4 major ones (Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Eurasian) and also includes many other sub-cultures like the Peranakan, Cantonese, and multinational cuisines. Singapore has a history of migration. As each ethnic group and subgroup came to Singapore,