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Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving Lunch : I'm back with my Thanksgiving menu.This year our Thanksgiving was very pleasant and enjoyable.We didn't purchase any thing but went shopping for our friend's little son and had good food. Sales everywhere. Shopping malls were packed with people garbing clothes,toys,cosmetics,bedding,household items and many more.A new mall was open at Frisco and it was so crowed. Cars were not obeying rules and some even went on the wrong side of the parking lot.We nearly went around the mall for 1 hour before getting a parking space.We notice that the entrance to Macy's was crowed with people.We have to share the space and kind of getting bumped against other shoppers but it was fun too. I'm not sure whether it's necessary for us to celebrate Thanksgiving or it's just some kind of holiday for my hubby. Perhaps I should take this 4-day holiday just to sleep and relax my mind but with my son that's never going to happen. He has being talking non-stop


Dosa batter is a must in my home and I will be lost without them.I always make sure that I have enough batter at home as my kids loves to have dosa with sambar everyday.As the dosa batter was over and I was feeling very lazy and bored to have the same kind of doas.When I was in Owasso my good friend Lakshmi used to prepare green gram dosa which was very tasty but never really got the change to prepare them.As I have a habit of writing down the recipes and searched high and low for it. I have add garlic and freshly grated coconut to my recipe. Pesarattu Ingredients Serving Size:5 1 cup whole green gram with skin 1/2cup rice 5 green chillies 1tbsp ginger garlic paste 1tbsp cumin seeds few sprig curry leaves 1/4 cup freshly grated coconut salt to taste. finely chopped onions Preparation Method: Soak the whole green gram and rice overnite and grind to a paste with ginger garlic paste,green chillies,curry leaves and grated coconut. transfer the batter to a bowl and add the cumin seeds and

Indian Style Cabbage Fry

Indian Style Cabbage Fry Ingredients Serving Size:4 1 cup chopped cabbage 1 red onion chopped 1 garlic clove minced 1 green chillie chopped finely 1/2tsp mustard seeds 1/2tsp cumin seeds 1tsp channa dhal 1tsp ural dhall 1tsp pepper powder 1/2tsp turmeric powder 1/2tsp chillie powder 1/4tsp garam masala a pinch of hing chopped coriander leaves chopped spring onions few sprig curry leaves Preparation Methods: Heat a skillet on medium flame with 2tbsp oil and splutter curry leaves,mustard ,the dhals and cumin seeds followed by chopped onions,minced garlic and green chillie. As the onions turn slightly brown add the chopped cabbage, all the spice powders and salt. Saute for 2 minutes and cover the skillet with a lid until the cabbage becomes tender. Remove the lid and add the pepper power and adjust the leave of salt. Add the chopped coriander leaves and spring onions. Give one really good mix and transfer to a serving bowl.

Spicy Tomato Chicken Masala

Things are pretty messed up with right now-I'm no thinking properly and always preoccupied with stuffs which doesn't make sense. I have a folder fully with snaps and recipes yet to be posted but I'm kinda not in words are getting jingle up and can never make a sentence without making dozen of mistakes.Ohh maybe I need a vacation which will never happen..I was planning to grill these chicken but ended up with masala fry.Anyway it's good too.My plans never seem to work these days :( Spicy Tomato Chicken Masala Ingredients Serving Size:5 For the Tomato Paste : 2 tomatoes chopped 1tbsp ginger garlic paste 5 dried chillies (add accordingly to per taste) 1tsp fennel seeds 1/2tsp poppy seeds few sprig curry leaves 1/4tsp turmeric powder 1tsp coriander powder salt to taste Heat 2tsp oil in a work and saute all the ingredient and grind to a smooth paste once cooled. Keep aside. 1/2lb chicken breast cubed 1 cup sliced onions a small cinnamon stick 3 dried chillies br

Rava Iddlies With Methi Leaves

Rava Iddlies With Methi Leaves Ingredients Serving Size: 28 pieces 2 cup rava 1/2 tsp mustard seeds 1/2 tsp cumin seeds 1tbsp ural dah 1tbsp peppercorns 1 tbsp channa dal 3 green chilies, finely chopped big pinch soda (optional) 1 cup finely chopped methi leaves 1 cup well beaten thick curd with little salt and hing powder 2tbsp ghee Preparation Methods: Presure cook the methi leaves for 2 whitsle and squesse out the water completly-set aside.Heat ghee, add the mustard seeds and once they splutter, add the ural dah,peppercorn,cumin seeds,chana dal and saute till the dal turns golden brown. Add the green chillie and the methi leaves.Immediately add rava and on low to medium heat stir fry the rava for about minutes.Let the mixture cool off. Take a bowl - curd, water and salt and mix well.Finally mix in the rava mixture and more water if you find the batter too thick. Leave the mixture for a least 1-2 hours. Grease idli plates.Pour the batter.Steam the rava idlis and let it stand for few

Spicy Soy Mutton Masala

Preparing mutton is not a usual task in my kitchen. My kids are not that fond of having mutton. Chicken is the all time favorite but I just love eating them. Whenever I get the chance I would get some fresh goat meat from the Indian Store.Actually this is a Malaysian dish with has all of-coconut add but I have omit them and adjust it to my own taste. Spicy Soy Mutton Masala Ingredients Serving Size:5 1 mutton shoulder piece chopped 2tbsp ginger garlic paste 1tbsp soy sauce 1tsp hot sauce salt to taste 1tsp chilly powder Heat some oil in pressure cook add the ginger garlic paste-saute till done. Add the mutton with remaining ingredients. Toss the well. There's not need to add water as it will with the fats in the mutton itself. Presser cook to about 5 whistle. Remove from flame-allow the pressure to be released and set aside. 1 large onions roughly chopped 1 tomato roughly chopped 1 small cinnamon stick 5 cloves 5 green cardamom pods 2 dry chillies 1 bay leave 1tsp mustard seed

Mixed Vegetable Soup With Dhal

"Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat." The above said is true esp to me. I was complaining non-stop from starting summer to end about how the sun was attaching me with his blazing rays-sweaty in the kitchen ect. The summer season is over and winter is spreading his chillness around us and me complaining how cold it is.That's human nature I guess :D Yesterday morning I couldn't even see a thing outside my apartment-so misty,coldly and foggy. I really wanted to enjoy these foggy climate but my body doesn't really agree with my mind . My body was screaming at me "Get back to the house now or I will freeze to death".Eventually I went back and was think how to comfort myself .Think !!!Think!!! I made myself a very healthy soup and really enjoyed each spoonful with delight. Mixed Vegetable Soup With Dhal Ingredients Serving Size: 4 1/2 cup chopped cauliflower 1/2 c

Tomato Egg- Chinese Style

Tomato Egg- Chinese Style "The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star"-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Eggs are always out of stock in my kitchen.Preparing eggs is the very simple yet a delicious and well liked by all age group. I cannot think of anyone who would say no to eggs unless you are vegetarian. I was getting bored of preparing the egg fry or scrambled masala eggs.I came across this Chinese Style Egg in Rasa Malaysia blog which inspired with South-East Asian Recipe.A big thanks to the author of the blog for sharing all those mouth-watering recipe which I really miss very much here:D Ingredients Serving Size: 5 6 eggs white pepper powder 1tsp sugar 1tsp Chinese cooking wine salt to taste 1 cup diced tomatoes chopped spring onions 1/2tsp sesame oil Preparation Methods: Break the eggs one by one into a large bowl. Whisk it well as you add the pepper powder,salt,sesame oil and Chinese cooking wine if your are using. Heat u

Prawn Briyani/ Jhinga Briyani

Prawn Briyani/ Jhinga Briyani Another weekend again!!! Oh I'm so bored of preparing the same routine food for the weekends. Our restaurant sphere has be shelved for the time being as the climates has become impossible to make any plans. The kids are making it even worse by not wear the proper clothing too.I was search for some recipes in the net and there's being numerous post on prawns recipes. A huge varieties stating from grilling to stir-fries.Maybe I should prepare something with prawns for the weekend. I haven't taste prawn briyani for about 7 years. I used to enjoy them with my friends back in Singapore. My hubby only like briyani made with chicken only but today I'm going to make with prawns and guess what my hubby really enjoy. His plate was empty in seconds and went for second helping.. Well we never know till it's give a try:DD Ingredients Serving Size:6 For Wet Grinding: 1/2 bunch coriander leaves 1/2 bunch mint leaves 2 green chillies