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Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup I'm so happy that I have finally reached the end of the week and it's time for me to gather all the dirty laundries and other stuffs to my native for the weekend-but I am not in so much of a hurry for the week to end. Before I leave for the weekend I wanted to post a recipe as I have being piling up all lots of recipes in my hard disk. I decide to attempt to make my own mushroom soup. You will never realized just how good this soup can be until you make your own from scratch. My first attempt was in 2002 as a newly married bride. I made it for my hubby's birthday and it was really mouth-watering. As time past I have completely forgotten about until few days back when my son starts to demand for soups on daily basics.Try out this wonderful mouth-watering recipe and have enjoyable weekend. I will see u guys with an another recipe from my kitchen to urs soon. Serving Size:4 Ingredients 2tbsp butter 1 small onion, diced 2 cloves garlic minced 4 stalks of celery,

Stir- Fried Mutton With Coloured Peppers

Stir- Fried Mutton With Colored Pepper What's the point of having a vacation alone in Singapore without enjoying esp the huge range of food from all over the world in one stop!!! I really took this wonderful opportunity to enjoy myself. I meet up with my girlfriends ,hoping in the car to have lunch at our favorite restaurants and made a point to cook for each other as many of them are very good cooks too. Please get ready for the mouth-watering Mutton Stir- Fry with Colored Peppers that you have ever crossed ur lips-a creation by my friends and myself from my home-town . We happened to find very good colorful peppers in the supermarket one early morning and decide to prepare some thing with these for our lunch at home as we were too lazy and got kind of bored eating outside so we decide to combine all our cooking skills to prepare the following recipe which doesn't need much ingredients or time. Serving Size:4 Ingredients 2 red peppers sliced 2 green peppers sliced 2 yellow pe

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup My son have really been into the soupy mood ever-since he started school as he's being served soup everyday at lunch- a varieties ones and "Mummy they are yummy you know and I had second helping".He's demanding for different types of soups these days and I have to cope up as he threatens by saying that he will just shift to the canteen in his school. and their childish blackmails.What better ways to improve my cooking skills and I had been wanting to try making different kinds of soups and now it's the perfect time:) The next on my list would be Tomato Soup-that thick tangle flavored soup always refreshes one's mind easily. I prepare them for dinner and it was well like by everyone and my daughter-a fuss eater had 2 bowl of serving which was really unbelievable Serving Size :4 Ingredients: 7 ripe tomatoes 1 small carrot 1tbsp flour 2tbsp butter 1 small onion finely chopped 3 cloves garlic minced 4 cups of water taste to taste chopped