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Asparagus With Ham/Chicken

Asparagus With Ham I know I know!!! I haven't shown my face for quite some-time since my last post. I was kinda of busy around my own world and nothing special has being on my strove for sometime. the bug flu has being going around in shifts in my home for sometime and the kids wasn't in mood for anything new.Recent I found some good back bone ham at the central market and prepared this mouth-water side dish which was indeed great with white steaming rice.Hope that this recipe will find it's way on your dinning table soon.Till then happy cooking and more recipes will flow soon.... Ingredients: Serving Size:4 1 bunch asparagus cubed 1 cup cooked ham or any dark meat 2tbsp finely chopped garlic 1 yellow onion chopped finely 1tsp chili flakes 1tsp Chinese Rice Wine 1tbsp dried shrimps pounded 1tsp dark soy sauce 1/2tsp grounded black pepper salt to taste 1tbsp sesame oil Preparation Methods: Infuse 1tbsp of olive with crushed chill flask in a non-stick pan followed chop