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Deep Fried Calamari

Deep Fried Calamari This is so easy! Just like the restaurants "The coating is crispy though not overbearing, and the calamari will be tender". The trick here is that the Calamari needs to be cooked either super quick, or for a long time on a simmer for it to be tender. If you like fried calamari, you are going to love this recipe ! This version of fried calamari is crisp and delicious, and simple to make too! This dish makes a great appetizer or party food recipe, or serve it with a salad and you have a complete meal. As this recipe will demonstrate, fried calamari needn't be as difficult as it sounds - simply cut the squid into rings, dip into a simple flour and spice mixture, and fry. Mmmm....easy and delicious !  Crispy, tender, mouthwatering calamari....need I say more?  Grilled over wood, stuffed and roasted, slow-cooked in a stew: I love squid in all its forms  but none is more addictive than the deep fried version most commonly known as calamari. I like th

Spicy Chicken With Dried Chillies

Spicy Chicken With Dried Chillies   Just trust me on this folks-If you can cook anything can be fixed up to fill up hungry tummies even at late nights or early morning. Well doing nothing sometimes has its own purpose that is not life that is complicated but we that makes it so. It's well know fact that I'm a chicken lover and cooking keeps me in the air as it nourish my kids and family but i'll have to admit that I cook for purely selfish reason- I just happen to fell in love with cooking and wants to try out new recipes. Anyway these stir-fried chicken dinner isn't so much as highly addictive drug but when mixed with dried chillies something will unleash in your brain that's one part pleasure and one part glorious pain--yes guys it's super spicy believe me!!  Don't be deterred by the amount of dried chilies in this recipe. The chillies add a wonderful flavor and just a hint of heat. The ginger adds another dimension to this dish and really complimen

Keeri Chappati

Keeri Chappati Guessing many must have experience this-a woman enters the kitchen only after marriage and the first dish she gets her hands one would be either making crispy thosai nor soft fluffy chappatis... Believe me guys my thosai was a disastrous and was always  judged compared with my MIL. It's a well know fact that the South is famous for it's finger licking crispy thosai and the North for their specificity in preparing perfectly shaped chappatis. Chappatis are day in and out meal and sounds boring when everyday at the dinning table you tend to find the same old stuff. Though there is always an additional taste when my dad prepare it then I do. I always love the soft hot chappati made by him back home. to make the chappati more relishing taste, many add curd. The chappatis will turn out to be extra soft and delicious when cooked with little butter. today  from taste of Saras Kitchen I'm sharing the my recipe of preparing Keeri Chappati- not perfectly shap