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Grandma's Fried Bee Hoon With Mutton Balls

Grandma's Fried Bee Soon With Mutton Balls At times when one's mind is being idle for a very  long time especially during this lockdown period, it's starts to think differently. Thats what is currently going on my mind too. Feeling very restless, bored and lazy my body just wants to relax . Do you guys also feel the the same as me? Well that's natural I guess.  Being in my native since March 2020 , I have being trying to sit down quietly to publish my back-locked  recipes but its not happening as my screen keeps looking blankly at me whenever I try to write . Arghhhh!!!!   But today sitting in current quarantine situation , sipping coffee and remembering some old times does make things warm. I do sound like a granny but the fact is I miss my home back , stuck up in this situation all I do is dream of good old days. And as I was filled with thoughts of home I suddenly remembered my late granny from my dad’s side “ Mee Hoon”, a very simple with limited ingredients y