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Orange Peel Pickles

Orange Peel Pickle When cooking becomes a daily chore we tend to lose our passion in kitchen or feel that our skills have vanished. Fatigue, boredom and lack of ideas can easily contribute to an over sense of demotivate. Before we knew it,we will be eating the same bland food day-in-and day out. Recently we have being addicted to watch "Choped"- a cooking challenge where the contestants will be give secret ingredients and have to wrap up a meal using all the ingredients given.The challenge itself look pretty fun and are very broad,allowing one to run wild with your imagination and really push something special out of the box. Out of curiousness causally my hubby said  since I love to try out new recipes- I should try my creativeness prepare a dish at home in the same concept.The kids got very excited and joined in with their dad's idea of preparing "Chopped " challenge at home and I was told to prepare a dish using "Orange Peel, Coconut Oil and Pi