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Tom Yum Chicken Ball Soup

Winter is officially tuned here making me so irritable and moody. Im winter allergic and thrilled at the same time about it as I can simply blame the winter seasons for my mood swings and outbrust. One of the worst things about winter is how it gets cold and dark really early making driving risky at road. However, this is the best time to stay indoors where its warmed cosy. You can relax with a great book or entertaining film, knowing that the frosty weather is safely on the opposite side of the window!! Its also the perfect moments to stay inside on a chilly evening calling out for hot chocolate, warm apple juice or copious mugs of tea or steaming bowls of healthy soups. Being from the Asian background I'm always looking upon preparing dishes with a touch of The South East Asian Region to satisfy my cravings when  feel homesick. I have being wanting to prepare Tom Yum Soup for a quite sometimes but somehow end up preparing something else instead. Anyways Thai Tom Yu