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Green Chillie Stir-Fried Chicken

Green Chillie Stir-Fried Chicken Phewww...the last few months have been a tough in my part and I have completely lost touch with my kitchen. To make things worst one another fells sick very often due to dramatic climate conditions. Either shine whole day with the hot rays of the sun making one feel sweaty nor rain non-stop. May has being a happening moth so far.Both in good ways and bad. But we won't discuss the bad. I am trying to be in peace with the fact that --"If things are not in my control, I better not break my head trying to control them"Sometime when I sit down to write I tend to have a guilty feeling. Am I being totally honest here ? Am I portraying only a slice of my life here ? Before I write even one more sentence I just confuse that all the upcoming recipes in my blog you guys read on are those laying in my draft for quite sometimes. Since I haven't really done anything special so I have decided to clear up all my waiting recipes to b