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Salt And Pepper Shrimp With Garlic

Salt And Pepper Shrimp With Garlic   I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I and my daughter looooooove shrimp. Being a very fussy eater till now-the only way I can make her finish up her plate in no time- Shrimp will do the trick not forgetting that I too go crazy when its comes to" Shrimp".   Crispy, salty, slightly spicy…what’s not to like?  You’re definitely going to get a bunch of oooh’s and ahhh’s at the table when salt and pepper shrimp is being served. Salt and pepper prawns are a traditional Cantonese dish that make a beautiful and spicy appetizer.  No need to head out to your local Chinese restaurant anymore,  Finally you can make your very own salt and pepper prawns.  You’ve got an awesome dish to eat on the side of something else of your choice – noodles, rice, vegetables and so forth.  Give it a try and see what you think – you won’t be disappointed! Ingredients Serving Size: 4 Persons 2 pounds large prawns, peeled, deveined  2 tb

Egg Fu Yung (Eggs With Vegetables)

Egg Fu Yung (Eggs With Vegetables) There are so many ingredients you can add to eggs, so what are you waiting for? Eggs are a super nutritious food chock-full of protein, choline, Vitamin D and lots of other nutrients you need for good health.They’re also fast and easy to prepare so you can have a healthy meal in minutes. I normally like to whip up some scrambled eggs for breakfast or dinner. If you’re tired of the same old plate of eggs, consider these ingredients you can add to eggs to give them plenty of flavor and keep things fresh at mealtime. Very often I normally  have a small bit of meat leftover at dinnertime. Instead of tossing it, try adding it to your  eggs. Thinly slice the meat and add it to the pan for a couple of minutes before putting the eggs in. That way it’s hot, but not overcooked. Try  adding sliced steak, chicken breast, ham, pork chops or salmon. I can personally attest to the tasty flavor of each of these choices. You won’t be sorry! I love

Butter Chicken On Saffron Rice

Butter Chicken On Saffron Rice Despite being in India for about 7 days and back to Dallas again really took my sprite out- completely draining out my energy level. Oh Boy!!!! this can be very irritating at times as the time zone is out of way. 23 hours struck in between two big frame persons and not able to move the my arms and legs really wants me scream out. Im glad to be back home...home sweet home and back to my kitchen .   My kind of blissful time in the safely of my kitchen has given me the confidence to head out into my cooking sphere .It helps me relax and  keep my mind active as I love to try new items and cook things that I never would have even attempted before in addition,  my family members are definitely enjoying it.  Normally I scour the internet and have a ton of cookbooks where I pick out interesting and fun recipes and try them out. It is always fun and usually I end up changing the recipe to suit my family taste bud or just change it enough to make

Grilled Avocado Sandwiches

Grilled Avocado Sandwishes Lately I have being quite held up with my life from one place to another running along with the world as it goes by without realizing that I have completely forgotten about the blogging world and my cooking. Phew!!! Can u image that ' completely forgotten" come on guys , don give me that surprise look. Everyone got to eat to keep ones body and mind to function daily yet here I'm telling that I have forgotten- guess I'm must be lazy or just cant be bothered mood perhaps I'm still there. Anyway let's forget about that issue now and get back to my kitchen to see what I have being up to these days. Not cooking much just normal boring daily recipes found in every moms kitchen. Recently the kids are so fond of avocado and I'm going to share a quick snack which I whipped up for the kids whenev er my son says he's hungry after playing or back from school.  While just about everyone loves a traditional grilled ch