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Kashmiri Chicken Curry

 Kashmiri Chicken Curry I have found myself in the uncanny position of having several blog postings in my queue, waiting to be written up to share with ya’ll.  Alright, here's yet another chicken recipe I've been meaning to post for a while but haven't gotten around to doing so, that is, until now. I ’ve been cooking up some awesome dinners with chicken when I was in USA.  It’s not that I’ve been engaging in crazy techniques, or unusual ingredients, or delving into haute cuisine – it’s more about how elegantly and easily my meals have been coming out, and how delicious everything has been.   But after coming down here I'm not able to cook like that. As I have mentioned before many times that I have a huge collection of cooking books stored away in my small library...hmm well that's how I describe my cupboard stacked with books. There was a time when my son was in love with apples and stumble upon this recipe while I was searching for some different type


Uppuma Here is a dish that is very easy to prepare and it's one of pumpkin pie's favorite dish..It only takes ant 30 minutes to prepare. It's delicious when eaten with ripe banns and brown sugar...hmmm yummy that's my kids favorite outburst when it finds it's way to the dining table. Ingredients: Serving Size: 4 person 1 cup semolina 4 tbsp oil or ghee 1/2tsp mustard seeds 1 stalk curry leaves 1/2tsp urad and channa dhall each 1 onion choppe 2 green chillie chopped 2 tomatoes chopped finely 10 raisins 10 cashew nuts chopped or halved salt to taste Preparation Methods: In a wok heat the semolina till warm to touch. Dish out onto a dry plate and keep aside. Heat the ghee or oil in wok and splutter mustard and crust leaves followed by dhalls. Fry til dhall turns light brown then add the onions chillie tomatoes raisins and cashew nuts. Fry for 5 minutes. Pour in one cup water and bring to boil. Add salt and stir  Adjust and tast

Grilled Italian Chicken

Grilled Italian Chicken When I was a young (ugh, every time I write that, I immediately feel like a little old lady..believe guys I found few white hairs tis morning while combing grrh), I’d repeatedly go through stack of cookbooks, bookmarking things that looked and/or sounded delicious. I’d check out cookbooks from the library in piles that nearly towered over my face. As is still the case, I preferred the books that had lots of pictures. Not necessarily step-by-step direction photos, but certainly a visual of the proposed final product. Just guess how I get ideas to give final output at my dining table. I’m always on the lookout for fabulous recipes that use chicken breasts. Chicken is cheap, healthy, and easy to cook. But it can also be really bland or dry. There is seriously nothing worse than rubbery chicken. I think that’s what a lot of people think about when they think of chicken. Rubber or just plain old and boring- everyone’s fav young or old. Surely I

Spicy Mutton Kolhapuri

Spicy Mutton Kolhapuri Do you know what frustrates me the most ?? Going throughout my day thinking of all kinds of creative things to post about but when I finally sit down to do the actual write up a blog post my mine just freeze and goes blank. Do this happen to you guys out there too? Maybe its because I want to share many things with you guys that I don't even know where to start. anyway back to tday's recipe. I'm always collecting or looking out for recipes that taste great or even better but don't involve an all day session in the kitchen to prepare. And if I tend to make a dish ahead af time it's always a crowed pleaser at my dining table. The following is such one that was loved by everyone and it was done very long back when I was in Owasso. I got the this unique recipe for accident while searching for something different to be done with mutton. I had real difficult time finding some of the ingredients esp  k alpasi. I'm pleased to share with you gu

Chicken Satay Stir-Fry

Chicken Satay Stir-Fry Chicken tends to please most palates, whether you're cooking for a pack of finicky kids or health-conscious adults. But it can get boring if you're churning out the same old meals night after night. Mix up your usual menus with these peanut and coconut  flavored  chicken dishes, which use Indian spices, delectable sauces, and an endless variety of ingredients that surprise in tantalizing new ways.  This Satay Chicken Stir-Fry is easy to throw together and will soon get the taste buds tingling  Popular throughout Southeast Asia and Indonesia, satay is strips of skewered, grilled meat eaten with a fragrant dipping sauce  Actually, I'm sure most people know what satay is.  Satay  must be the first thing that comes to the minds of non-locals when you mention Southeast Asian cuisine. There are many countries with their own version of satay, but the Singapore satay that I grew up with trumps all the Thai, Filipino or Indonesian versions. It's al

Creamy Garlic Minced Chicken Linguine

Creamy Garlic Minced Chicken Linguine What’s for tonight’s dinner Mummy…mummy mummy..can u hear me..usual outburst of my kids after returning from school. Yeah it can be  irritating sometime but kids are always kids. My kids have being carving for pasta like anything. Pasta with garlic cream sauce alternative to boring Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Since there's   few thing my hubby really  loves and one of these few things, however, is also garlic. He’s the kind of person that nearly doubles the amount of garlic a recipe calls for because he feels like he can never get enough of it, and you can bet I always pair garlic bread with my pasta just to satisfy him with the grumbling of my kids. " It's stinks mom "-a  frequent  reply from my son whenever I add more garlic to my dishes  Sometime its  difficult  to please everyone in the family right??  Minced chicken with a creamy garlic sauce with linguine. Good reheated the next day, too! Serve with garlic toast

Cauliflower Manchurian

Cauliflower  Manchurian Are you curious to know what? Well, there is no surprise here as it’s the most amazing food cooked by my Dad  that comforted me with its divine taste and spread its warmth in my heart and soul ! Yes,you are definitely  rite, its food after all that brings family close…and also gaps the distance between people and regions! I really miss him cooking these days as I'm infrequently commented that  my cooking doesn't taste like his..sometime it gets on my nerves.  Usually I find myself startling into the pantry wandering what on  earth I was going to cook today!! Should I say that I'm not good at planning..or be ashamed to confess that with all...:) Back to my pantry..guess what caught my sight...Big milky white cauliflower looking so fresh and lively. What shall I prepare with mind starts to wonder again.. guess I'm used to crack my brain to max these day..hope it wouldn't  burst. Weekends at native has to play but no work..b

Sweet Corn And Potato Chowder

Sweet  Corn and Potato Chowder My only hope of an extremely cold climate is about dashing round the kitchen to grab something hot to warm up my frozen soul.As nothing can quite match the soothing feeling of mouthful of steaming hot soup warming the body from head to toe. A steaming bowl of hot soup is a perfect satisfaction for the cold climates. Theses days I'm in love with my bed and  we're perfect for each other but my a;ram clock just doesn't seems to wants us's clearly jealous of my amazing relationship[p with my bed.!!! This soup makes a perfect satisfying and balanced lunch or dinner when served with crispy bread toast spread with garlic butter on both side. It also makes good use of any leftover vegetables that may be pinning away in your fridge for days. Hey guys try out this mouth-watering and delicious soup soon and I will be back with another recipe from my kitchen to yours..see ya!!! Ingredients: Serving Size:4 person 1t