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Food Tour To Singapore Cuisine

Food Tour To Singapore Cuisine Realize the feeling and satisfaction one feels while cooking for their loved ones. It's just amazingly makes us forget the long standing in the kitchen for hours preparing all their favorite food. Eating together as a family takes a little work in today's hectic world but it's worth it!! Yet the most challenging task is to figure out to cook. I've spent countless hours racking my brain, souring the internet, flipping through my many cookbooks to find recipes that will. make everyone happyis not easy choir. Phew!!!I had his cousin family from Houston paying us a short visit for the weekend and one should have witnesses the havoc situation decided what to prepare for their visit here. As usual my son wants HYDERABAD BRIYANI while my daughter wants dishes prepare with either SEAFOOD or POULTRY . The king wants to try something different kind of cuisine. Anyways the decision was mine so I decided to let them take a short trip

Variety Of Dosas

Variety Of Dosas As I have mentioned in my earlier post that I’m lost without having sufficient dosa batter in my fridge. It’s a MUST for me as it makes my life easier as I can bribe my son in helping me out with housecleaning. All I need to do is just heat my tava and prepare crispy dosas drizzled with ghee he will be next to me in seconds.  Summer is here!!! The warm wind, the long evenings, the smell of the ice cream, the sweet Paddles and Vacations time for the kids to explore the world around ,experience new things, and make lasting memories. This year we decided to enroll the kids for swimming and I’m running around like crazy and theses dosa batter comes in handy preventing me from getting tensed from all those screaming by the kids -“I’m hungry I need food”. My MIL makes the perfect crispy dosas and I can never reach that spot but I’m not a bad dosa maker either. Before marriage I couldn’t get a perfect shaped dosas at all. After hopeless failures and crit

Grilling 2018

Grilling 2018 Every seasons has its own beauty and charm. Its summer season her and it's our choice to decide whether to enjoy or grumble. We must realize that life has o many things to offer - why brood over negative thoughts and past. Let's force on what's for today- this very moment while you guys reading my post. With the summer season already here and temperature  expected to rise even more the next few days, we made plans to fire up the barbecue for the weekend as there's no specific time to have a BBQ party with family and friends. Grilling food over an open fire is one of the life's greatest pleasure- at least if you set yourself for success. It's fun time of the year and I always find myself craving those flavory summer meals over the grill. All it takes is a glowing sun, marinated meat and bags full of charcoal and a quick reaction:phone calls should be made immediately and everyone should hastily put on their best shorts and T-shrits... b