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Mysore Masala Dosas

Mysore Masals Dosas Todays recipe is a all time favorite in my household- Mysore Masala Dosa : a staple food in South India. I haven't came across a single Indian who doesn't like dosas. They delicious and can be enjoyed any time of the day and happens to be famous among all race too. Restaurants world wide have these Indian crepes on their menu. Dosa batter tends to find its way around my kitchen 24 hours day. Im lost without them. Its like a soul food for us and many can wonder how I can make and eat dosa everyday for a long time and still not be bored with it. It's probably I eat a lots of dosa growing up as my dad owns a Indian restaurant back in my hometown. I alway have dosa batter in my fridge  ready to whip up fresh dosa on demand or for the unexpected guests. I own a wet grinder  and it's run about twice a week to keep the batter supply ongoing and fresh, I always make riddles as soon as the batter ferments and then dilutes the batter further to

Thai Red Curry Paste (Vegetarian Version)

Thai Red Curry Paste (Vegetarian Version) If you're a fan of Thai food, making your own Thai Red Curry from the scratch is a must try at least once in your life . This is truly restaurant quality food made right in your kitchen top. I have tried quite a few Things Red Curry pastes recipes and finally nailed tis as its liked by my family and friends. Preparing Thai Curry has became my signature dish whenever I have friends around. Today I'm sharing the Vegetarian version of the curry paste by omitting shrimp paste and fish sauce. My love for Thai food knows no bounds and its like love affair that started when I was a teenager and  I hv never looked back since. My biggest challenged has always been to make it myself from scratch at home and recently nailed the recipe that 's liked by family. Thai Red Curry With Vegetables The easiest and most  flavorful home made Thai Red Curry Paste you will never make in just 30 minutes! It taste just like the restaurant v

Home-made Ghee

Home Made Ghee Ghee is a must in my family and my favorite fat to cook with. It's just like butter, but getting our hands on th precious creamy golden fat from heaven is a nearly impossible task. Most of my friends would normally comment," You can simply order online or swing by your nearest Indian store to grab a few bottles rite so what's the fuss about .'' Thinking of the extra charges such as shipping,duty and imports taxes and luckily enough to find a source that will actually ship to my location. Ugh!!!If that's your case, do not despair. A simple solution is there to get fresh ghee right at your kitchen . Making your own ghee at home is simple task that can be accomplished very quickly and easily. All you need to do is to get your hands on some good quality organic or grass fed butter and you might never want to purchase store-brought ever agin. So what do you say we make a batch together? You'll see, you really don't need

Coconut Shrimp Curry With Chickpeas And Buttery Coriander Rice

Coconut Shrimp Curry With Chickpeas And Buttery Coriander Rice For a change I ask my hubby for his suggestions for the day's  dinner menu and guess what he send me a link a cooking blog which had featured a recipe with shrimp and chickpeas simmered in coconut milk. A  weird combination and frankly specking I haven't prepare seafood with chickpeas before. There's always time for new combination right and no harm trying it out. After going tru the featured recipe I decide to give shot and alter the recipe accordingly to my family's tastebud and my magic touch. I have a habit of leaving my magic presence in all my cooking. Growing up my dad never used coconut milk in anything, so it's not common at all in our cooking but I like to experiment and try different types of dishes yet I didn't til I got married as my hubby loves coconut. This is why I love cooking so much as I get to play with my ingredients and try to come out with all kinds of interesting an