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Hyderabad Briyani

Hyderabad  Briyani It might be shocking to many when I say that I’m not a great fan of “BRIYANI”. Everyone in my family goes crazy when mentioned the word’ “BRIYANI”, esp m y hubby and son. Right off my heart, let me tell that I purchased, “Varieties of Briyani” cookbook to win the heart of my husband as newly married wife. I can still visualize his looks when I prepare Mutton Briyani for his first birthday as newly married couple in 2002 and the words he said was,”Not like how my mother make”, but its ok!! Feeling disappointed I completely stopped preparing Briyani as I could never get s satisfying respond from my hubby. Either the texture of the rice is soggy or grainy. While browsing through my food album, I made a pause at the Hyderabad Biryani folder and kept looking at the pictures and wished if someone could make this for me right now.  Chicken Biryani is a delicious savory rice dish that's loaded with spicy marinated chicken, caramelized onions with vario