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Spicy Sambal Fried Mee Hoon

Spicy Sambal Mee Hoon "COOKING FROM HEART" is born from unleashed creativity triggered by boredom and ideas turning the once dreaded chore into timeless pleasures past-times. As many would have know that I'm basically from the South East region and I tend to love Asian Cuisine using sambal paste most of the time preparing noodles. Sambal paste are commonly used as foundation for so many Asian Cuisine and a condiments to e served at the table. Back at my home theres used to be batches of Sample paste bottled up for Future usage. Here I prepare fresh ones whenever I crave for my hometown badly missed food like - " NASI LEMAK, BEE HOON< FISH BALL NOODLES , CURRY NOODLES !!! " Well I tend to go head over heels for noodles. What's Sambal- a common question asked by many a whenever I mention them. Sambal are basically dried chilies either pounded, pureed or finely chopped with shallots garlic and incorporate with wide range of ingredients lik

Wontan Soup With Noddles

Wontan Soup With Noddles Kids: Mom can you just throw that annoying alarm clock away. The sound irritates us. We want to sleep please!!! Myself : Its already 6.30 am and time to get up and get ready for school or you will be late.  T he daily routine argument in my home everyday. Time really flies as I remember saying the same words to my dad when I was in my kid's shoes 30 yrs back. History do repeat itself in another form right. I have a confess to make now- I"m lazy just simply lazy to core during my teenage life. I normally start off my days on a bad note right off the bat. I dislike waking up in the mornings and I consider it to be a grueling task every time I do it. I try anything possible to sleep more. Even if I have something to do in the morning, I will consider it less important than sleep. I've hit the snooze button to the point that my alarm clock realize that Im not waking up and doesn't"t buzz. To avoid that I always try to place my a

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Broccoli Cheddar Soup If you live to eat and eats to live and like me if a part or all of your life mostly revolves around food, cooking and entertaining- tell me whether is it possible to cook up a feast every single day!! Trust me I don think so.. image what will happen to our body system if one tends to stuff ourselves with even home made food items like Briyani, Panner ect everyday. For that reason today I'm going share a simple convenience of a one-dish meal simmering on the stove top with all. Yes A Bowl of Broccoli Cheddar Soup to feel up hungry tummies after school or work.  Soup is a quick hot meal that offers plenty of health benefits. You can throw a variety of ingredients into a slow cooker in the morning before you leave for work or school and return home to s delicious meal in the evening. There's nothing better than garden fresh broccoli paired with garlic and onions in a rice velvety vegetable stock. It's a satisfying county-style soup w

Vegan Rice Patties And Rice Balls

Vegan Rice Patties And Rice Balls Cooking is one of the activities in which I engage daily, and just like most other activities it can be experienced as a vehicle for self expression and creativity. I have been thrilled to experience how with just a few simple ingredients one can perform magic in the kitchen. As a result good cooking for me is the art of turning simple plant based ingredient into beautiful and nutritious dishes right to the dinning table. Just as with most choices, my food choices partly defines whom I am. Theres are stories and feeling behind many of the dishes that I regularly cook for my family.  For example whenever I prepare Asian Cuisse I always remember my dad. He was a wonderful cook and my mentor in my love for cooking. Cooking skills really running in my family as all my brothers and sisters not forgetting my uncles and aunties are great cooks. Even my son and daughter have great interested in cooking too. The simplest things in life give me the m


South Indian Cuisine: Idiyappam Life is unique for everyone, regardless if you work or stay at home. Throughout the day we go through our triumphs and our failures each in our own means. Why does the life of others interest you? Maybe others think that stay at home means enjoying while the rest is out working their butt out  I would say both have their equal share of duties whether u r working mom or stay at home mom. I start my day by waking up about  5.40 am  -get my kids ready for school. Fix breakfast and pack lunch for them. I would normal enjoy a cup of coffee once the kids are out of the door. Then I start cleaning or washing clothes. Make myself lunch or go out to eat. Relax a bit by watching a little bit of tv. At times I prepare snacks for the kids.Pick up t kids and drive them to for after school activities. Cook dinner for kids & the husband. Wash dishes, clean up.Get ready for a new day. Well that’s how my stay at home day would be. Sounds familiar  An