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Singapore Chicken Curry

  Singapore Chicken Curry I was rolling and turning trying to open my eyes as the alarm clock went off at 6 am when the sun poured through my window. Another day had dawned bringing with new hopes and aspirations to start my day. Slowly and unsteadily I entered the kitchen rubbing my bleary eyes to find a shady figure roaming around carry a tray out of the oven. The aroma of the freshly baked bread with herbs filled the room making my tummy crying with hunger. Myself: What are doing so early in kitchen sunshine? Little Chef: I'm baking for today's lunch mommy. Have you forgotten?? Myself: What's so special today? Little Chef: Ohh !! You promised to prepare Singapore Chicken Curry if I-bake bread right?? (giving me a nasty look).  Myself: Yeah right.  As everyone knows I enjoy cooking a lot  more than thought I would by the time I finished. Every meal in my house eventually ends with a discussion about what the next meal will consist. "THE FOODIE FAMILY" . I have