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Kashmri Mutton curry

Kashmir Mutton Curry- Version 1  After a couple of days filled with sorrow pain and misery I'm back to blogging again as it always refreshes my mind and helps to get rid of worries and keeps me diverted. I always remember those Sundays when my dad cooks Mutton for lunch. A steaming plate of basmatic rice slatted in spicy curry flavored with fresh grounded spices. Tender pieces of mutton cubes cooked to perfection...simply homely and satisfying-soul comforting meals with love and care. The entire kitchen would be filled with the aroma of freshly grounded spices couple with patience where t he meant slimmers on low heat were definitely the secret behind the curries he makes. Everything have change as age catches up and I got married. Let's forget about my dad's cooing experience and get back to my own kitchen. The following recipe was taken from the Woman's Cookbook. I found the recipe different from how I prepare my mutton and decide to give it a try. The outcome w