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Tea Buns

Tea Buns Ingredients: Serving Size: 5 1 tbsp active dry yeast 3 tbsp sugar 1 tsp salt 2 tbsp butter, softened 1-1/4 cups milk 4 cups white bread flour 1/4 cup raisins honey for glazing Preparation Methods: In large bowl, mix together yeast, sugar, salt, butter, and milk.Mix in the first 3 cups of flour.Turn dough out onto floured board and knead, adding flour a tablespoon at a time as needed until dough is soft, not sticky.Place dough in greased bowl. Turn dough over so that the top is also greased. Cover bowl with clean dishtowel or plastic wrap and let rise in warm place for 60 minutes or until double in size. Punch down dough and knead on lightly floured board for about 5 minutes.Divide dough into 12 pieces. Shape into small buns. Grease large baking or cookie sheet. Place rolls on sheet, cover, and let rise for about 45 minutes or until round and plump.Sprinkle some raisins onto.Bake for 20 minutes at 400° degrees.Remove from oven and brush honey on tops while still hot.Serve with

Aloo Bonda

Aloo Bonda Ingredients Serving Size: 4 Summer is here again so what's special in our kitchen in the evening with your hot or cold beverage SNACKS-hot and spicy. The snack that came on my mind was my MIL's all time favorite Aloo Bonda . Whenever she goes shopping in town she will get numerous packets of hot spicy Aloo Bonda . I was talking with her few days back and mentioned to her that I really missed some of the snacks. After that I got urge to make these Aloo Bonda for the kids that evening. So sit back and enjoy these bonda's at your kitchen one of these days to enjoy your evening tea time. For making the Aloo balls: 1 cup mashed cooked potatoes 1 onion chopped 1 green chillie minced 1tsp ginger garlic paste 1/2tsp turmeric powder 1/2tsp chillie powder 1/4tsp cumin seeds 1/4tsp mustard seeds few sprig curry leaves salt to taste Coat a wok with couple teaspoons of oil and splutter curry leaves,cumin and mustard seeds followed by green chillies,ginger garlic

Rava Kitchedi

Rava Kitchedi Ingredients: Serving Size: 4 1 cup rava / sooji (semolina) 1 chopped Onion 3 green chillies slit sideways 1/4 cup chopped cabbage 1/4 cup vermicelli 1 carrot chopped 1/4 cup green peas 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 tsp urad daal 1 tsp channa daal Salt to taste 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 1/4tsp chili powder to taste 2 tbsp oil few curry leaves chopped coriander leaves 3tbsp ghee lemon juice to taste Preparation Methods: Heat 2tbsp ghee and fry rava on a moderate heat, stirring constantly to light brown color and set aside.Then add another tbsp ghee and roast the vermicelli until golden brown-keep aside. In the same pan heat 2 tbsp oil and add mustard seeds and allow them to splatter. Add the daals : channa & urad & curry leaves to it and fry till they turn red. Add onion, and green chilies. Sauté for 2-3 minutes.Add all the vegetables, turmeric & chili powder, and salt to taste. Now add 3 cups of water and cover the pan and allow it simmer on low heat until the vegeta

Indo-Chinese Chicken With Veggies

Indo -Chinese Chicken With Veggies Normally in Chinese cooking there's a tendency to add different kinds of vegetables to their chicken or any other meat dishes whereas in our Indian cooking we don't add vegetables. I always like to add veggies to my meat dishes esp chicken. "Killing two birds with one stone"-instead of preparing two dishes I prefer the easy way-just add them to why don't I mix both cuisine into one dish. Indo -Chinese recipe.Here's a dish which came out perfectly delicious and tasty. A good side dish for any type of rice variety.I made the dish with curd rice and had a small picnic in the park. It was the most enjoyable moment to cherish for lifetime.. Ingredients Serving size: 5 Masala Paste: 5 shallots 3 garlic cloves a small ginger a few sprig curry leaves 1 small tomato 1tbsp chilli powder 1tbsp coriander powder 1tbsp chicken curry powder salt to taste 1tsp fennel seeds Roast all the ingredients with2tbsp oil and grind into a

Shrimp Curry With Ridgegourd

My dad used to prepare shrimp with ridgegourd back in Singapore.It's has being some time since I have taste his cooking.I thought why not pamper myself with his way of making shrimp curry ease the craving of missing his comfort food back at home. Shrimp Curry With Ridgegourd Ingredients Serving size: 5 Curry Paste: 3 garlic cloves 2 dried chillies 1 small onion chopped 1 small tomato chopped a small ginger root 5 curry leaves 1/4 cup tamarind juice 1/2tsp turmeric powder 1tsp coriander powder 1tsp chilli powder 1tbsp fish masala 2tbsp coconut powder salt to taste Grind all the ingredients into a smooth paste and keep aside. 15 jumbo shrimps 1 cup chopped ridgegourd 1 small onion chopped 2 green chilli cut into half 1/2tsp mustard seeds 1/2tsp cumin seeds few sprig curry leaves chopped coriander leaves 2tbsp coconut oil Preparation Methods: Coat a pressure cooker with 2tbsp coconut and splutter mustard,cumin and curry leaves followed by the chopped onions. Saute til the onions becom

Noodles In Village Style Chicken Soup (Rasam)

Noodles In Village Style Chicken Soup ( Rasam ) Serving Size:4 Ingredients For The rasam Paste : 1/4 cup chopped shallots 1tsp peppercorns 3 garlic cloves small ginger 5 curry leaves 1tsp fennel seeds 1tbsp coriander seeds 2 dried chillies 1tsp salt Roast all the above mentioned ingredients well with 3tbsp of oil. Once the the mixture is cooled grind to a very smooth mixture and keep aside. 5 shallots crushed 5 garlic crushed with the skin on 3 curry leaves 1tsp cumin seeds 1/2tsp mustard seeeds 1tbsp coriander powder 1tsp grounded pepper 1 cup boneless chicken 1tsp turmeric powder 3 cups hot water Preparation Methods Coat a pressure cooker with 2tbsp oil and add mustard seeds. Once it starts to crack add the shallots,garlic ,curry leaves and cumin seeds. Saute till the shallots are cooked and then add the chopped chicken with coriander,turmeric and pepper powder. Let the chicken saute well in the spice. Now add the gridded paste and the hot water. Adjust the level of salt and pres

Spicy Grilled Fish Cutlets

Spicy Grilled Fish Cutlets Ingredients Serving Size: 5 1lb cooked fish of your choice mashed 1 cup finely chopped onions 1/4 cup cooked potato mashed (optional) 3 garlic cloves minced 2 green chillies minced 1tbsp cumin seeds 1tbsp pepper powder 1/4 cup finely chopped coriander and mint leaves 1/2tsp turmeric powder 1tbsp fish masala 1/2tsp chilli powder 1 egg beaten well 3 slice white bread-edges cut and soaked in water & squeeze out juice of half lemon salt to taste Preparation Methods: Add all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix well. Adjust the level of salt and spices-add some if you find is not sufficient. Divide the mixture into 10 equal portions in size of a tennis ball. Roll each in your palm and press down lightly. Heat the tava on medium flame and cook for 5 minutes each side or until a golden crust is formed. Arrange the cutlet in a greased oven-proof tray and baked at 350 degrees for about 10- to 15 minutes. Serve hot with spicy tomato sauce.

Pancake Pizza

One day after coming back from school my son was pestering me to make pizza for him as snack before dinner. How am I suppose to make pizza in less than an hour. A good pizza base dough takes 3 hours or so to be prepared and here's my son screaming and making a big scene. That's when I came up by making pancakes as pizza base which take not more than a hour of preparations. There was no time to prepare the sauce so I made use of a good quality of Hunt's Tomato Ketchup for the base. A different type of pizza which all should make and try...a very quick on too. Pancake Pizza Ingredients for making Pancake: 2 cups flour 2 tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 cup buttermilk 3/4 cup milk 2 large eggs, separated 1/4 cup melted butter vegetable oil Preparation Methods: In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and soda.In another bowl, whisk together buttermilk and milk, egg yolks, and melted butter. Blend into the dry ingredie

Stir-Fried Indian Bittergroud

Stir-Fried Indian Bittergroud Ingredients Serving Size: 4 Marinate For Indian Bittergroud: 5 medium bittergroud cut into circles 1tsp garam masala 1tsp chillie powder 1/4tsp turmeric powder 1tsp curry masala a pinch hing powder 1tbsp oil salt and pepper to taste Marinate the bittergroud with all the spices and leave it for 2 hours or overnight. 1 large onions sliced thinly 1 small tomato chopped 3 garlic clove minced a sprig of curry leaves 1tbsp finely chopped mint leaves 1tsp chillie flakes 1tbsp tomato sauce 1tsp dark soy sauce 1/4tsp light soy sauce salt if needed Preparation Methods: Arrange the marinate bittergrouds in small batch in a large serving plate preferably oven proofed and mirco-wave on high for 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Make sure you don't overcrowd the bittergroud.Once all the bittergrouds are done keep them aside.Coat a non-stick skillet with 2tbsp oil and once heat add the mustard seeds-as it starts to splutter add the cumin seeds,curry leaves,mint,garlic,chi

Chilli Fish

Chilli Fish Serving Size:4 Ingredients Marinate for the f ish: 1lb chopped fish of your choice 1 egg beaten well 1tbsp chilli powder 1/2tsp turmeric powder 1tsp garam masala 1/2tsp cumin powder 1tbsp fish masala 1/2tsp pepper powder a drop of red food coloring 2tbsp all purpose flour 1tsp salt juice of half lemon In large bowl marine the chopped fish with all the ingredients and refrigerate overnight. 1/4 cup diced capsicums 1/4 cup tomatoes 1/4 shallots 2tbsp grounded pepper 1 onion chopped 2 garlic cloves finely minced 1tsp sesame seeds 1tsp mustard seeds 1/2tsp cumin seeds 1tsp chillie powder 1tsp garam masala 1tbsp tomato paste salt to taste chopped coriander leaves oil for frying Preparation Methods: Heat vegetable oil in a heavy bottom wok and deep fry the marinate fish pieces until golden brown. Drain them on paper towel and keep aside. Coat a frying pan with 2tbsp of oil-add the mustard seeds. Once it starts to crack- add the cumin and sesame seeds. Then add minced garlic and o

Avasara Koottu

Avasara Koottu I have sent this recipe for online competition organized by Tamil Homemakers in US in Orkut. The concept for this competition is Impossible Possible..a situation where we don't have anything at home to cook just onion,tomatoes, chilie , dhal variety no vegetables or meats what will you do? Many has came across such situation most of the time rite? I have came up with this recipe of my MIL which is very easy to prepare . I'm not sure of a suitable name for the dish so I'm naming it as Avasara Koottu . This dish is a hot favorite of my family back in India which my MIL makes very often when her kitchen runs out of vegetables. It's an excellent side dish for chapati, poori , doasi even rice just like semi koottu poryial : Ingredients: Serving Size: 5 First pressure cook 1/2 cup toor dhal with some garlic cloves ( abt 3),1/2tsp turmeric and sambar powder and salt to about 3-4 whistles..Keep aside 5 ripped tomatoes cubed 1 large red onion chopped 2

Summer Time Snacks

Finally Spring is over and welcome Summer again. Say byebye to those huge coats and gloves to keep ourself warm.Now it's time to enjoy the blasting sun shine . During evening most of us would love to nibble on some snacks with hot or cold beverage during Chai Time..It could be any thing spicy or sweet ranging from bajji to tarts whichever you could think up. Here I have four hot snacks lined up for you to try which happens to be favorite of many South Indians. 1. Valaikai Bajji 2.Carrot Bonda 3.Mixed Dhal Vadai 4. Stufferd Mirch Bajji Have a hot cup of Masala tea with any one the snacks mentioned above on this summer with your loved ones: 1 .Valaikai (Plantain) Bajji Ingredients: 1 large valaikai(plantain) cut into half and slice lenthwise 1 cup besen flour 1 rice flour 1tbsp chilly powder 1/2tsp tumeric powder salt to taste a pincg of baking soda and hing powder 1tbsp hot oil Prepartion Methods: Mix all the ingrdients with required amount waterto a smooth batter consistency of doa