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Panner With Spinach Wanton (Dumplings)

Panner With Spinach Wanton (Dumplings) Have you never  imaged of preparing wantons or dumplings with panner? Anyway "Chinese dumplings are probably one of the most convenient and versatile foods to keep around". Out from the freezer to your dining table in a second. You can pan fry/boil /deep fry or steam for healthy version.A steaming bowl of won tons is always welcome in any season, and making them at home is a fairly easy process. Purchase a package of high-quality won ton skins, which are available everywhere, and then it’s just a matter of filling and folding them. Once they hit boiling water they cook for just 2 minutes. The filling — usually a simple mixture of well-seasoned minced meat — may be prepared hours ahead and chilled. This somewhat spicy chicken and shrimp filling is particularly delicious, with plenty of ginger and Chinese garlic chives or even your own creation with the Indian touch. Be amazed by the versatility of wanton wrappers. Keep a pack ha