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Indian Style Crab Masala

Indian Style Crab Masala Can you guys still remember me?? I have really being so busy these days and have completely shut myself out of the blogging world which was one of passion. Dragging my legs to the kitchen has become a burden to me and I feel that my kitchen is terrible annoyed with my cannot be bothered attitude. Anyhow I still cook. Recently I was out stationed and prepared crab masala which happens to be my favorite dish since a teenagers. My dad used to prepare them very often and I would fight with my sister to grab the fleshly parts  of the crabs South Indian  crab masala it is very tasty food. we can take as main course. it is also a tasty meal for dinners.spicy,hot crab. This is an easy to make crab fry with ingredients that will be normally available in any kitchen pantry, just reach for a few of them and you will have a tasty and juicy crab fry!! Ingredients Serving Size :4 1kg  alive crabs 1/2 cup shallots sliced 1 tomato silced 3 garlic c