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Soy Briyani

Soya Briyani My 5 year old daughter isn't the best eater in the world. She's certainly not the worst either.She just loves vegetables like carrots,beans,cauliflowers...I mean most of the vegetables.If her lunch box or dinner not served to her favorite..either the lunch returns untouched or the dinner stretched out well over hours. Sometime I have to clear the tables when she's not even half way through-just staring at her food or commenting on her brother's plate. I'm not sure where she have tasted soya chunk but one morning she just wanted me to uprear soya chunks...just like that out of the blue not relishing that her school van will be arriving in 30 minutes time. What can I prepare in just 30 minutes.... BRIYANI OR FRIED RICE!!! Yes, I am the kind of person who can fixed up a meal in seconds when it concern my daughter. All she needs " SOYA CHUCKS FOR LUNCH ". Soya biryani is a protein rich biryani recipe with the soya chunks cooked and then added to

Samosa Chat

Samosa Chat I happened to learn about this recipe from my fellow blogger Asha of Aroma .Ihave add my own ingredients to suit the taste of my family. I absolutely love when a favorite dish can be transformed into a mouthwatering recipe.The following recipe was created using leftover samosa. Homemade samosa chats are one of my favorite Indian snack whenever I am yearning for chat.Very easy and mouth is already watering while writing the recipe;D Lets enjoy the homemade potato samosa flattened on a plate, topped with chickpeas, yogurt, onion, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, sev and finished with chaat spice. Serving Size : 4 Ingredients: 4 samosas 1/2 cup boiled chickpeas 1 cup yogurt (beaten with little salt and sugar) tamarind chutney - as needed mint chutney - as needed 1/4 cup shredded carrots 1/4 cup shredded cucumber 1/2tsp roasted cumin powder 1/4tsp red chilly powder

Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls

Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls Someday I just spend my free time looking through cookbooks and wish for inspiration to strike-there's something interetsing in reading author's cookbooks for ideas and unique recipes to try out. I could have published the recipe few days ago but for some reason I kept postponing til today. This quick recipe for spring rolls will show you how to make this authentic Asian appetizer at home. You'll no longer have to worry about them getting soggy These spring rolls are refreshing change from the usual fried variety, and have become a family favorite. They are great as a cool summertime appetizer, and are delicious dipped in one or both of the sauces." Serving Size:10 pieces Ingredients: 10 spring roll wrappers ½ red pepper , thinly sliced 1 carrot , grated 2 banana pepper , thinly sliced ¼ white cabbage , shredded some rice noodles , soaked in water 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp pepper sauce 1 tsp sugar some salt and pepper 1 ltr vegetable oil

SpicyTofu Briyani With Vegetables

Spicy Tofu Briyani With Vegetables Hey folks I'm back with another mouth-watering briyani recipe from my kitchen to yours. What a lovely weekend with my SIL and BIL in CBE. This weekend our daily routine of visiting Pollachi was brushed aside due to Sport Day Celebration in my daughter's school. She took part in 50 meters running race. Both my SIL and BIL stayed overnight in my apartment.It was great having family member over for a night chatting away rite!!! Both myself and my SIL decided to gang up to cook lunch for the first time. We always make plans to cook together but unfortunately something will prevent us from doing so. We wanted to prepare something different and then I remember that I got some tofu laying in my fridge for few day begging me to finish before expiring. Since both our husbands are great fans of briyani. We decide to prepare tofu briyani with carrots and green peas. The combination of tofu marinated with chilly and turmeric powder and lightly fried was

Mixed Vegetable Pickles

Mixed Vegetable Pickle Pickles in India range from spicy to sweet and soft to crispy. They're the perfect partner for a well made meal esp with curd rice.. A complete South India meal never ends without pickles.. Serving  Size:10 Ingredients 2 carrots cut into thin stripes 2 capsicum cut into thin strips 2 cup cauliflower florets 1 cup long beans 1 cup shallots cut in halves 8 garlic cloves sliced 2tbsp tamarind juice 2tbsp cumin seeds 1tbsp fennel seeds 2tbsp mustard seeds 5 dried chillies 1 cup vinegar 3tbsp chillie powder 2tbsp cumin powder 2tsp pickle powder (combination of mustard and fenugreek seed dry roasted and powdered- ration 1:1) 1 cup oil 1 tsp hing powder Salt to taste Preparation Methods: In a large bowl, add the chopped vegetables,shallots,garlic cloves and chilies with salt ,vinegar and 1tbsp chilles powder, mix them well till they coated with the spices.Let it stand for about 2hours. Soak the dried chillies in the tamarind juice for 2

Spicy Fried Fish

Spicy Fried Fish Thinking back we really had a good time in USA and frequently patronized all type of restaurants in the weekends. I reall miss those moment but life here in India is much more comfortable surrounded with loved ones, family and friends. What more can we ask other than this peaceful life rite!! During that time we went to a buffet in Chinese restaurant in Owasso with our friends and I had this fabulously mouth-watering fish fried in rich sauce. It was just out of the world and taste divine and I can still drool imaging. I always have loved fried fish compared to those cooked in curries. I approached the waiter and asked him how these fish were prepare . Anyway I really didn't get the right recipe but manged to create one myself according to what I have tasted. It's wasn't the perfect taste as the restaurant. Anyway the Spiced Fried Fish tasted delirious with fried rice and my family really loved it esp my daughter who finish up her plate and had second help

Deep Fried Quail Roast

Deep Fried Quail Frankly speaking I never like the taste of these quail at all. The moment I set my eyes on these I felt very uneasy but quail roast happens to be my hubby's favorite dish since young . Whenever we patronizing any India restaurant -quail roast would be the first dish to be ordered by my hubby and I really don't understand why his eyes sparkles whenever he taste them. Anyway each person have their own taste right. Serving Size:5 Ingredients: 5 quails cleaned 1 egg white beaten well 1tbsp ginger garlic paste 1thsp green chillie paste 1/2tsp curry leave paste 1tsp coriander leave paste 1tsp mint paste 1tbsp chilli powder 1/2tsp turmeric powder 1tsp garam masala 1/2tsp cumin powder 1tbsp fresh curd 1tbsp chicken curry powder 1/2tsp pepper powder salt to taste juice of half lemon oil for frying Chopped fresh coriander leaves 1 green chile sliced Preparation Methods: In a lager bowl marinate the quail piece with all the ingredient and leave in fridge over-nite. H

Kara Kolukattai

For the first after many year I wanted to prepare these Kara Kalukattais for Vinayaka Chathurthi but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the function due to some personal reason but my in-law made these for the Lord Ganesha. This is one of my favorite snacks. This very quick and easy to prepare recipe which are normally loved by kids too. Kara Kolukattai Serving Size :5 Ingredients: 1 cup coarsely grinded rice batter 1tsp mustard seeds 1tbsp urual dal 1tbsp chana dal 2 green chillies chopped 1 cup thinly sliced shallots 2tbsp grated coconut handful of chopped coriander leaves handful of chopped curry leaves Preparation methods: Add1 tbsp oil to wok and saute all the given ingredients expect the batter. Add enough salt and saute til the onion are well fried. Add the batter and mix till thick. Remove from flame and allow the mixture to cool off a bit.Shape as u desire and steam cook it in iddle vessel. Remove and serve hot with any chutney.