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Thai Yellow Curry With Chicken

Thai Yellow Curry With Chicken When I don’t understand a particular dish, I make it. How else would I figure out the flavors of something like Thai yellow curry? Like many cooks, I have mostly relied on tubs or cans of Thai curry paste. The yellow curry is one that I’ve avoided after trying it just once years ago. It was bland and insignificant tasteless.   What the heck, I should try it again It took nearly 2 hours to produce about 2 cups of heady yellow curry paste – which can be refrigerated for weeks or frozen for months which I never freeze as my family are curry lovers and there's never enough curries to go around the dining table.   We as a family consider ourselves as big fans of Thai cuisine. and realized I haven’t posted many recipes for you. To get familiarized you need to know the versatility of curry pastes and how easy they are to be prepared freshly.While you can always    depends on the store bought, pre-made ones, homemade versions take the freshness