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Broccoli Manchurian

Broccoli Manchurian Usually it's during the holiday season -I tend to neglect my blog and take a break  but this  time it was surprisingly other way round. I have being cooking a lot during the holidays yet due to the shifting and other issues I was not able to sit in front of my computer. I have tried few different dishes during my absent and it was a big hit among everyone. Let's get back to my recipe for the day guys. Tired of eating regular cauliflower manchurian? Just give a try to broccoli. An unique and delicious manchurian recipe for manchurian lovers.Though cauliflower manchurian is one of my absolute favourite appetizer of all time; I decided to give it a twist and make broccoli manchurian instead. Trust me it tasted just the same, maybe even better. I prefer the dry version n as it could be paired with fried rice. You can also make the sauce thinner and prepare gravy version as well.  They are best served immediately so that it's still mildly cr

Scrambled Eggs With Capsicums

Scrambled Eggs With Capsicums Cooking is my favorite activity because it’s a way for me to reduce stress and I can be artistic about it and it never gets repetitive. A great way for me to reduce stress and when every time I get upset or stressed up I can just cook something I want to eat. I started to cook when I was about 10 years old, when I was home alone all by myself and I was pretty hungry, being a South Indian there’s always sufficient dosa batter in our fridge. I prepare myself some dosa not perfect ones but eatable. That’s how my journey in cooking got shaped and here I am. As for today's recipe I have adapted from chili paneer recipe to fulfill my son's wish to have eggs with capsicum. This is a very quick to put up and will go very well with Chinese fried rice or any variety rice for that sake.Capsicum with eggs is very easy and simple stir fry. The delicate taste and th pleasant flavor of capsicums when paired with eggs makes a delicious stir fry. Toma