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Coconut Burfi With Pottukadala

Coconut Burfi With Pottukadalai Everyone knows that coconuts are an easily available commodity in the coastal areas of India, and the fleshy white inside of the nuts are used to make sweet dessert dishes for all occasions. Burfi or Barfi is a sweet preparation made using many different types of ingredients, mostly in India and Pakistan. Coconut Barfis are especially common in South India. We are proud owners of few coconut trees back in India (Pollachi). "What? That's rite maybe or maybe not. These coconut could be one of the reason for weight gain but actually I don't like to use coconut too often in my cooking". These white beauties are very easy to make and only limited ingredients are needed. Back in USA I used prepare different items as it's very costly to buy these South Indian deliceny. After returning back to India I have completely given up preparation theses sweet stuffs as they are easy available in the market. My Mil cooks well and she pre

Pure Carrot Juice

Pure Carrot  Juice There's a saying that goes like this" An apple keeps the doctor away".In same manner-" The notion that eating carrots improves eyesight sounds like a story your mother made up to get you to eat your vegetables".   The idea that eating carrots could improve your eyesight received its biggest promotion during World War II.The British Air Ministry attributed the fact that its night fighter pilots were successful at shooting down German pilots because of a special diet including a large amount of carrots. Whatever it might be-Many people consider drinking carrot juice one of the healthiest lifestyle choices. Carrot juice is known for beta carotene which gives the body Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and many minerals. The health benefits of drinking carrot juice are thought to be good prenatal health, eyesight, bones and teeth, liver and nails, skin and hair as well as helping in cancer prevention. Today I'm going to post this

Curried Vegetable Soup With Spices

Curried Vegetable Soup With Spices Soup is a generally warm food that is made by combining ingredients such as meat and vegetables with stock, juice, fluids in a pot until the flavors are extracted, forming a broth.Soup makes a hot, filling snack or meal that offers a variety of health benefits. The ingredients and possible combinations are virtually limitless. The healthiest soups are homemade and include fresh, low-fat ingredients such as vegetables and beans and a minimum amount of can be quick and easy to prepare and most individuals enjoy soup, making it a good meal choice for even the pickiest eaters. You can toss your soup ingredients in a slow cooker and place it on low heat before you leave for work. When you return from a hectic day at work, you'll be greeted with a hot, flavorful meal, ready to eat.You can even use up leftovers in a soup pot and create new variations of favorite recipes, since soup lends itself to experimentation.A  bowl of warm broth not o

Spicy Mutton Kheema

Spicy Mutton Kheema Hiya  guys hope everyone are busy cooking new recipes in your kitchen to be shared in the blogging world. My kitchen have being silent for sometime as my health is not coping well with me these days. In and out of the hospital have being a routine in my household for a while and I'm neglecting my blog. Many of my well wisher have disappeared and my blog have being lacking their encouragement these days too and some don't even bother to visit:(  These issues have made me very unhappy but still I enjoy cooking... that's my passion and nothing can stop me from blogging. Another mouth- watering dish from my kitchen to your would be Spicy Mutton Kheema and happen to enjoy this bowl of yummy gravy with soft chappati while I was in Singapore recently.Just rush back to ur kitchen abs start peps ring this delicious Kheema and enjoy!!!! Spicy Mutton Kheema Serving Size:4 person Ingredients: 259g minced mutton 3tbsp meat curry powder salt to taste

Thai Red Curry Fried Rice

Thai Red Curry Fried Rice I managed to grab a bottle of Thai Red Curry Paste and some fresh lemon grass from the supermarket and have prepare many Thai infused items since then. My son have become a great fan of Thai cooking these days and request to prepare them once a month. Since everyone in my family loves Thai food I happen to prepare these mouth- watering Red Curry Fried Rice and have being laying in my draft for quite sometime. Back in USA my dear friend Dana used to prepare them often and I have decide to give a shot and the outcome was super tasty Thai Fried Rice. Enjoy this irresistible Thai infused rice from my kitchen to yours Ingredients Serving Size:4 2 cup leftover cooked rice 1 red onion chopped finely 1/2 cup cooked chicken diced 2tbsp anchovy soaked in hot water 4 small shallots, peeled and chopped 3 cloves garlic, peeled and sliced 1 cup mixed vegetable 2tbsp fresly chopped lemon grass 1tsp thorn lime leaves chopped coriander leaves chopped spring onions For Sauce:

Fried Turmeric Chicken

Fried Turmeric Chicken Adding and omitting certain ingredients completely changes the flavor of a dish. Preparation would be the same but by just add a new ingredient gives a different taste to the dish. Normally one would add ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, turmeric - mainly all the Indian spices to marinate chicken and deep or shallow fried. Some even add fresh yogurt to give a sour taste to the chicken. Today I'm going to share a fried chicken dish which is marinated with soy sauce ,coconut milk, juices of shallots,cloves and lemon grass. A favorite fried chicken to be found in many Malay household. I really hope you guys out there would try out this lemony flavorful fried chicken in ur kitchen soon. Til then" happy eating and cooking from taste of Taste of Saras Kitchen. Fried Turmeric Chicken Serving Size: 4 persons Ingredients: 5 chicken thighs 1tsp dark soya sauce 1tsp light soy sauce 1tsp chilli powder 3tbsp thick coconut milk salt and