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Palak Tofu

Palak Tofu The climate in Dallas is getting weird these day.    Shine one day followed by thunderstorms!! Spring is officially  over yet it feels like winter. Being back home from my 3 weeks vacation visiting my dad - I'm still in Singapore icire time zone. I hardly can open eyes early morning and my daily routine are jammed up  When the alarm rings at 5.30am the first thought I get is to break my phone into pieces but it's going burn holes in my pocket if I break my phone     Eventually I have to drag myself out of bed to prepare breakfast and lunch for kids and rush them off the door by 7.30am. My weekdays goes like this and I was hopping to get my beauty sleep on weekends but it's shattered by my son's baseball classes and match🤦‍♀️How can I relax myself and escape from this mind set??                                          Alright guys I can hear you    - let's get back to my kitchen - the place where my mind can function peacefully  Most o